Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Reviews are Rolling In!

And they're smoking! UNFILTERED & UNLAWFUL by Payge Galvin and Ronnie Douglas is out in the world and readers are raving. Here's just a sample:

"’s a recommendation for a debut novel I read recently called Unfiltered and Unlawful. It’s the first novel in a NA serial series (NA stands for New Adult, meaning the protagonists are college-aged) and it’s self-published. Now, I’m normally wary about reading a new-to-me, self-published author because some self-pubbed novels are in dire need of basic editing, but a glance at an excerpt for Unfiltered and Unlawful showed that it did not fall into that category. The writing quality is top of the line and when I read the premise for the series, it really intrigued me.
 This is definitely a “4 cup” level of steaminess ;-). I liked the story so much, I blurbed it.

Unfiltered and Unknown, the second novel in the series featuring a story from another participant in the heist, comes out on February 14th. I for one can’t wait to see what happens next."
- Jeaniene Frost, NYT Bestselling Author of The NIGHTSHADE SERIES 

 "A fun, rollicking start to an exciting new series concept...And the hero, oh the hero, steals the show here. Adam is hot, hot, hot and readers will want him as badly as Sasha does."
-Romantic Times Magazine Book Reviews March 2014 Issue (4 out of 4.5 stars)

"This novella is one of THOSE books that once you start you Do Not want to put it down. This is not your mama's romance story."
-Donna Z. Amazon Reviewer (5 stars)

"First of all... Great characters, the girl is not perfect and that is awesome.. The guy... Wow!! Freakinlish hot.. Totally recommended it!!"
-Solveig, Goodreads Reviewer 

Thanks to everyone who's reading and reviewing - we really appreciate it!

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