Friday, May 16, 2014

We're so happy to announce that Book 6 (that's right 6!!) in the UNFILTERED series, UNFILTERED & UNRAVELED is now on sale!

 After a night-shift shooting of a drug dealer in The Coffee Cave, twelve strangers each walk out with more than $100,000 in dirty money, a pact never to meet again, and the chance to start over …

As usual, Violet Laswell's lifelong friend, Allie, had gotten her into a mess. It started out with Allie following tradition by getting Violet drunk for her twenty-first birthday . . . and ended with illegally disposing of a dead body and racking up her very first DUI. Neither of which Violet signed up for. Ever.

Violet’s first unwitting walk on the wild side lands her in court, and – at her parents’ insistence – rehab. She has thirty days to resolve her non-existent issues with alcohol or she’ll be pruned from the family tree.  Ever-helpful, Allie researches the very best and most expensive recovery center in the state, New Beginnings, where twelve-step meetings are mixed with spa treatments and equine therapy.

But Violet's refusal to lie about past step one, admitting that she’s an alcoholic, labels her a “problem case” among the staff, particularly recovery counselor Cameron Wentworth. Violet is a puzzle to Cameron--someone who truly doesn’t have a substance abuse problem, stuck in rehab. He’s perversely drawn to her snarky irreverence for the work he's so passionate about. And Cameron’s grumpy professor vibe makes crawling into his lap and asking for “tutoring” seem like a perfectly reasonable option to Violet. But, even though Violet is technically assigned to another therapist, relationships between all staff and patients are strictly forbidden. 

Can Violet face her actual addiction – chronic people-pleasing?  Can her friendship with Allie ever be repaired?  Or does Violet simply need the kind of deep therapy Cameron and his all-too inviting lap seem quite happy to provide?

Click here to read the next installment in the series and thank you all so much for coming on this journey with us! 

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