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título : Autohists Lamborghini Countach (ne (auto History S.)
categoría : Automotive, Automobiles
ISBN : 9780850456813
páginas : 136
autor : Jean-francois Marchet, Peter Coltrin
editor : Osprey
Release Date : 1986-04-24
formato : ePub/Textbook/Doc/PDF

Revisión Editorial

'The straight was running out and we were rushing at the bend. Stanislao Sterzei's foot stayed flat to the floor, and the V12 behind our heads - almost between our heads - went on snarling... and thus with the speed already well in excess of 170mph, we were still being pressed back hard into our seats.' Such was the beginning to Mel Nichols' piece on the Lamborghini Countach S for the January 1978 issue of CAR. Such was his excitement. Make no mistake, the Countach is perhaps the most 'super' of all super cars. Everything about it which makes it superlative in the important and necessary areas is combined in a dichotomy of enormity and massiveness, of finesse and fineness. Acceleration, top speed, braking capacity, roadholding and handling, steering precision and car control are in built with mammoth over-kill. There is never enough but never too much. Its styling impresses with a lightness and beauty unique to its outrageous shape. No one mistakes a Countach either at 150 mph or standing still. Its construction dictates the finest materials, methods and execution for how is such an apparition to perform if it is not to self-destruct. It must be hand-hewn by artist and artisan alike. Here is the full story of this rarest of cars, from the early prototypes to the latest Quattrovalvole, which has managed to coin its way into everyday motoring talk when most people have never seen one in the flesh. Make no mistake, the car's impressive!

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