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título : Collected Stories (everyman's Library Classics)
categoría : Short Stories, Classics
ISBN : 9781857151459
páginas : 503
autor : Franz Kafka
editor : Everyman
Release Date : 1993-09-16
formato : ePub/Textbook/Doc/PDF

Revisión Editorial

Kafka was an obsessive writer who produced a huge volume of stories, novels, diaries and letters in his brief lifetime. The present volume includes all his available shorter fiction in a collection edited and introduced by Gabriel Josipovici. The stories, which range from tiny fragments to substantial narratives, have been arranged both to illuminate one another and to illustrate Kafka's evolution as a writer - which, as Professor Josipovici shows, is more complex and radical than often thought. The prefatory essay is an introduction not only to the stories but also to Kafka's work as a whole.

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