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título : David Boring
categoría : Magic & Fantasy, Dark Horse, Fantagraphics, Hamlyn, Image Comics, Titan Books, Science Fiction & Fantasy
ISBN : 9780224063234
páginas : 132
autor : Daniel Clowes
editor : Jonathan Cape
Release Date : 2002-11-07
formato : ePub/Textbook/Doc/PDF

Revisión Editorial

Meet David Boring: a nineteen-year-old security guard with a tortured innner life and an obsessive nature. When he meets the girl of his dreams, things begin to go awry: what seems too good to be true apparently is. And what seems truest in Boring's life is that, given the right set of circumstances (in this case, an orgiastic cascade of vengeance, humiliation and murder) the primal nature of humandkind will come inexorably to the fore. "Boring finds love with a mysterious woman named Wanda, loses her and sort of finds her again. He also gets shot in the head (twice) and stranded on an island with his brutish family. Meanwhile, the world may or may not be ending soon. And did I mention that much of this is hilariously funny?" -- "Time" "From the Hardcover edition."

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