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título : Duermete Nino / 5 Days To A Perfect Night's Sleep For Your Child
categoría : Raising Children, Neurology & Clinical Neurophysiology
ISBN : 9786073126496
páginas : 192
autor : Dr Eduard Estivill
editor : Debolsillo
Release Date : 2016-04-26
formato : ePub/Textbook/Doc/PDF

Revisión Editorial

Este libro ayuda a entender las causas de las alteraciones del sueno mas frecuentes en los ninos, como las pesadillas y el sonambulismo, y tambien de las menos comunes, pero sobre todo nos ensena cual es la mejor manera de superarlas. Una guia para que los padres puedan ponerla en practica tanto en casa como fuera de ella, y lograr asi que nuestros ninos duerman placidamente en cualquier situacion, adondequiera. ENGLISH DESCRIPTION An international phenomenon now available in America for the first time, this quick, no-nonsense guide is all you need to get your child to sleep through the night (pillow not included). These days, most books on improving your child s sleep take either a tough-love approach (ignore crying) or a soothing strategy (offer continuous comfort). But now an internationally renowned sleep expert provides a middle-ground method that will have your child sleeping through the night at any age. Dr. Eduard Estivill s no-fail technique focuses on a mixture of authority, ritual, and reward. Parents can end negative cycles of resistance and wakefulness and feel as rested as their child will by following these expert tips: Adopt a firm and confident attitude (your child will pick up on your mood). Use meals as a cue to announce your child s next nap or nighttime sleep. Incorporate appropriate elements (such as a stuffed animal or a pacifier) at bedtime so your child will not rely on you as a vital part of the sleep process. Reinforce the contrast between light (day) and dark (night). Never punish children by making them go to bed (it sends the wrong message about sleep time). Learn what to say beforeand afterthe light is turned off. Complete with special techniques to use with newborns, plus an invaluable question-and-answer section that addresses specific concerns (children sleeping in their parents bed, how divorced parents can work together, special-needs children), this sanity-saving guide promises sweet dreams for all"

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