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título : El Sur (narrativas Hispánicas) (narrativas Hispanicas)
categoría : Adventure Stories & Action, Anthologies, Biographical Fiction, Classics
ISBN : 9788433917218
páginas : 111
autor : Garcia Morales
editor : Anagrama, Editorial S.a.
Release Date : 1985-01-01
formato : ePub/Textbook/Doc/PDF

Revisión Editorial

110pp , Hispanic Narrative Collection , ABOUT THE AUTHOR :: Adelaida García Morales ( Badajoz, 1945 ) is a Spanish writer. At age 13 he moved to Seville where he lived much of his youth until he went to study in Madrid, where he majored in philosophy ... He debuted in 1985 with an acclaimed volume bringing together two stories: The South and Bene . The first was the basis of Victor Erice 's film of the same name ... With his next work, The Silence of the Sirens , set in a village in the Alpujarras , won the Novel Prize Herralde . She was also awarded the Prize for journal Icarus 16 ... Adelaida García Morales ( Badajoz, 1945 ) has a degree in Philosophy . He has worked as a model, actress and translator. Poet and storyteller, has won the Herralde and Icarus novel awards. It is one of the most translated authors and studied outside Spain ... Adelaida García Morales , born in Badajoz in 1945 , but grew up in Seville, where were his parents. He graduated in Philosophy in 1970 in Madrid, where he also studied screenwriting at the Official Film School ... He worked as a high school teacher of Spanish language and philosophy, was a model , actress, part of the group of Esperpento theater, and translator in Algeria. He lived for five years in the Alpujarras , Granada ... Start writing Silence of the Sirens in 1979. The South, his most famous work, beginning in 1981, winning the Prix Sesame Archipelago , and the director Victor Erice makes a movie in 1983. His next novel Bene , complementary work of the South , is published alongside this in 1985. and in that same year he published the Silence of the Sirens , who gets the prizes novel Herralde and Icarus .

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