Descargar en Línea History+ For Edexcel A Level: Communist States In The Twentieth Century ePub

título : History+ For Edexcel A Level: Communist States In The Twentieth Century
categoría : Great Britain, Slavery, Communism & Marxism, Secondary
ISBN : 9781471837913
páginas : 472
autor : Robin Bunce, Peter Clements, Andrew Flint
editor : Hodder Education
Release Date : 2015-06-26
formato : ePub/Textbook/Doc/PDF

Revisión Editorial

Endorsed for Edexcel. Enable your students to develop high-level skills in their Edexcel A level History breadth and depth studies through expert narrative and extended reading, including bespoke essays from leading academics. - Build a strong understanding of the period studied with authoritative, well-researched content written in an accessible and engaging style - Ensure continual improvement in students' essay writing, interpretation and source analysis skills, using practice questions and trusted guidance on successfully answering exam-style questions - Encourage students to undertake rolling revision and self-assessment by referring to end-of-chapter summaries and diagrams across the years - Help students monitor their progress and consolidate their knowledge through note-making activities and peer-support tasks - Provide students with the opportunity to analyse and evaluate works of real history, with specially commissioned historians' essays and extracts from academic works on the historical interpretations

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