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título : Upside Down: A Primer For The Looking-glass World
categoría : Economic Conditions, World History, Philosophy, Social Sciences
ISBN : 9780312420314
páginas : 358
autor : Eduardo Galeano
editor : St Martin's Press
Release Date : 2001-10-05
formato : ePub/Textbook/Doc/PDF

Revisión Editorial

In a series of mock lesson plans and a "program of study" Galeano provides an eloquent, passionate, funny and shocking expose of First World privileges and assumptions. From a master class in "The Impunity of Power" to a seminar on "The Sacred Car"--with tips along the way on "How to Resist Useless Vices" and a declaration of the "The Right to Rave"--he surveys a world unevenly divided between abundance and deprivation, carnival and torture, power and helplessness. We have accepted a "reality" we should reject, he writes, one where poverty kills, people are hungry, machines are more precious than humans, and children work from dark to dark. In the North, we are fed on a diet of artificial need and all made the same by things we own; the South is the galley slave enabling our greed.

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